Saffron Testing

Ensuring Unwavering Quality, Every Time.

At Almasi Aroma, our commitment is not just to bring you the world’s finest saffron but to uphold and deliver unimpeachable quality. We believe that when you indulge in the luxury of saffron, it should be backed by science, ensuring its potency and authenticity.

Our Rigorous Testing Process:

Beyond our meticulous qualitative assessments during crop selection, every batch of Almasi Aroma Saffron undergoes stringent independent lab-testing. A comprehensive panel of advanced tests is employed to:

🔬 Evaluate the intricate chemical structure.

🚫 Ensure the absence of artificial colorants.

🔍 Vigilantly check for any foreign contaminants or matter.

Your peace of mind and safety is our utmost priority.

ALMASI AROMA SAFFRON is meticulously analyzed in certified ISO 3632 laboratories. Our saffron undergoes rigorous testing for Crocin (Color), Safranal (Aroma), and Picrocrocin (Flavor), ensuring that our customers receive only the highest quality product.

Full Transparency - Always:

In our steadfast commitment to honesty and clarity, we proudly present our Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each batch. We invite you to delve into the details and witness the unparalleled quality of Almasi Aroma Saffron for yourself.